Clinical Computer Systems Training

Scheduling and Registration

Scheduling FAQ

  1. How do I clear a lock in Scheduling?
    Click on the View Lock Status icon (the lock with a magnifying glass) on the toolbar and and it will bring up the locks window. You must click on All Locks, Booking then In Process Appointments and remove any locks that appear on the right-hand side by highlighting each lock and clicking the Remove button. You also have to put a check mark in the Show Verified Locks and check All Locks, Booking and In Process Appointments again.

    NOTE: Only the user that has created the lock can remove the lock. We recommend that all staff check for locks and remove them before leaving for the day.

  2. What is a Resource?
    The Resource is what you are booking to eg. Physician, Nurse, Room, Radiology equipment.

  3. What do I do if I can't find a physician?
    If you are scheduling an appointment for a patient and cannot find the referring physician in the doctor table, you may enter the selection of "Non-LHSC Physician.

    In the free text Note field, you should collect the physician's name and telephone number.

    Next, either e-mail or telephone to the HelpDesk and request that the physician be added to the LINX doctor table. Provide the following information to the added:
    • Physician's surname and first name
    • Physician's OHIP billing number
    • Office telephone number
    • Fax number (if available)
    • Office mailing address with postal code

    The next time you search for this physican's name, it will be in the doctor table to choose from.

  4. The appointment is in a pending state waiting to be confirmed, but the Confirm button is greyed out.
    This means that the patient has appointments that are overlapping. To override the conflict, you need to click on the word Patient in Work in Progress. This will change the view in the Appointment Book to display the patient's schedule. You have to left-click on the word Patient and drag it down to the grey bar that displays the patient's name in the schedule below (looks like a resource name. The Schedule box will open. Click OK. The Booking Conflict box will open. Click Override and the Confirm button will now be available. The view will return to the schedule you were booking to.

  5. Another scheduler has just booked an appointment. You are in the same book but the appointment does not display.
    If you are not active in your book, you must click on the Refresh button to display any new changes made to the appointment book.

  6. I am trying to schedule an appointment outside the clinic's regular hours and I added a slot that is not displaying in the book.
    If you have your Book Properites set to view 0800 - 1600 then anything added past this time slot will not show up in the book. If there is ever going to be times that you need to extend schedules you should set the Visible Day Range to display extended hours. To do this you right-click in your book, select Book Settings, then Properties. The Appointment Book Properties box will open and on the General tab, you can change the Visible Day Range.

  7. I am trying to confirm an appointment, a "script error" appears. Why?
    If your clinic schedules are not in 15 minute intervals (eg. 10 minute slots), unless you set your Time Intervals to display every 5 minutes you will get a "Script Error" when you try to confirm the appointment. To set your Time Intervals you right click in your book, select Book Settings and Properties and under the Non-Proportional View Tab you set the time interval.

  8. I typed the Appointment Type in the field and there was no locations defined for me to select in the Appointment Location field. Why?
    The Appointment Type has to be pulled from a table, so once you have typed in the Appointment Type you must click on the ellipsis button or click Enter. Once the Appointment Type is pulled from the table the Appointment Locations will now display on the drop down menu.

  9. Can we see the next available appointment?
    Suggested Scheduling is not ideal for some clinics. For more information on this new functionality, please contact Rita Rupar at extension 35844.

  10. What does the little bubble mean that is sometimes displayed in a slot?
    The bubble represents "Rescheduling information". You can right click in the slot, select "Inquiry" and select "Appointment History View". You can view who rescheduled the appointment, the time and the reason why as well as other information about the rescheduled appointment.

  11. How do I book the same patient in to see the nurse and the physician? 
    When booking the appointment and the patient has been moved to the Work in Progress box, click the Next button and then the Move button again. The patient will now appear in the Work In Progress box with two appointments to be booked. Once both appointments are in a pending state in their selected time slots, highlight the patient's name in the Work in Progress box and click confirm. This will confirm both appointments at once.

  12. Can I leave a booking in the Work In Progress box?
    You can leave a booking in the Work In Progress box but you must schedule and confirm the appointment prior to logging out of the system or you will lose the pending appointment in the Work In Progress. You will receive a message upon logging out as a reminder.

  13. How do I modify the appointment details? 
    To modify the appointment details right click in the time slot, select Action and select Modify. This will open the Modify window and click on the Details tab.

  14. Can I default more than one bookshelf?
    You cannot default more than one bookshelf at any given time but you can change your default bookshelf. You can click on the Bookshelf button above your displayed books and choose another bookshelf.

  15. Do I have to log on to the network in order to access Patient Scheduling?
    Yes, if you have a network sign-on, please use it. If the user does not have his/her own sign-on they should sign on as UNIVEUSR, WESTUSR or SOUTHUSR and the passwords are USRUNIVE, USRWEST OR USRSOUTH, respectively.

  16. How do I revise an Appointment Type if I have booked the patient with an incorrect Appointment Type?
    You cannot correct the appointment type. You must cancel the booked appointment and start over.

  17. How do I view the patient's PIN while in the Appointment Book?
    There are two ways to see the patient's PIN. You can click on the patient's appointment and drag it up to the Work-In-Progress. The patient's PIN will then appear on the Demographic bar. Another way to see the PIN is to right-click on the appointment and select Person/View All Encounters. This will open the search window where you can see the PIN. This is where you can also see the health card and version code.

  18. How do I view cancelled or rescheduled appointments?
    Go up to View, click on Cancels and Reschedules. All of the cancelled or rescheduled appointments will display grey. To remove this option, go back to View and click off Cancels and Reschedules.

  19. I cancelled an appointment and picked "Patient Deceased" in error? How do I correct this?
    You cannot correct this error. This will only display in the Appointment History View under that appointment. NOTE: This will not decease the patient in Person Management.