Clinical Computer Systems Training

Scheduling and Registration

Registration FAQ

  1. What does it mean if a patient name displays without a PIN?
    If you search for a patient and notice that there is a patient's name, birth date and sex but no PIN or visits, the patient has been added using the Patient Add/Modify conversation in anticipation of an upcoming visit. If this patient matches the person you are trying to register, please click Add Encounter.

    If, however, you have found only a name when searching for a patient, this is an employee's record and no visits should be added. If you cannot find a matching patient record, click Add Person to add the patient to the database.

  2. What do I do if I find a patient with two PINs in the system?
    Call Health Records UH (x33104) or VH (x58119). They will combine the PINs and tell you which number to use.

  3. When I register someone with "Anonymous", where do I find this flag when searching for a patient?  
    When you search for patients, you will see this flag in the Person Results screen under the Privacy Code heading. This also appears as a star in Patient Locator.

  4. What is the process for entering an "unknown" patient name?
    This process will be used whenever a patient name is not known at the time of registration: 
    LAST NAME: Unknown + the campus where the patient is being registered.

    UnknownUC = University Emergency Department
    UnknownVC = Westminster Emergency Department
    UnknownSSC = South Street Emergency Department

    FIRST NAME: Begin naming the patient by number according to a list that is kept in each Emergency (This is the same strategy used for Disaster Response patients)

    UnknownUC, One - represents first patient admitted to University Campus Emergency
    UnknownUC, Two - represents second patient admitted to University Campus Emergency
    UnknownVC, Twelve - represents twelfth patient admitted to Westminster Campus Emergency
    UnknownSSC, Three - represents third patient admitted to South Street Campus Emergency

    Unknown Birth Date will always be entered as 1875/01/01.

  5. Do I put a space in the Postal Code field?
    No, do not enter a space when entering Postal Code.

  6. What do I do if I can't find an employer?  Will every employer be added to the database after I've supplied the information?
    If the patient's employer cannot be found in the database, leave the employer field blank and enter as much information as possible in the comment field at the bottom of the screen.  The billing department will add any employers that are needed for WSIB billing.

  7. What do I do if I can't find a physician in the physician search table?
    If you can't find an admitting or attending physician, then you choose "LHSC, Physician" from the table and record as much information about the physician as you can collect from the patient i.e. Full name, address, phone number, etc. You then record this information in the physician comment box, below the physician fields. If it is a family or referring physician that you cannot find, then you choose "Non-LHSC, Physician" from the table and follow the same steps as listed above.   Next, either e-mail or telephone to the HelpDesk and request that the physician be added to the LINX doctor table. Provide the following information to the added:
    • Physician's surname and first name
    • Physician's OHIP billing number
    • Office telephone number
    • Fax number (if available)
    • Office mailing address with postal code
      The next time you search for this physician’s name, it will be in the doctor table to choose from.

  8. I am registering a patient for a department that doesn't use a physician's name (e.g. Radiology). What do I enter for the physician? 
    The user should enter Imaging in the search for physician field and "Imaging, Department' will default into the Physician field. 
    Other entries made to the Attending Physician Grouping are as follows: 
    Child Life, Department
    Imaging, Department 
    Psychology, Department 
    Psychiatry, Department 
    Social Work, Department 
    Nutrition, Department 
    IV Station, Department 
    Dentistry, Department 
    Physiotherapy, Department 
    Occupational Therapy, Department 
    Speech Therapy, Department 
    Audiology, Department 
    Pulmonary Function, Department 
    Diagnostic Ophthalmology, Department

  9. How do I know which institution to select when it is displayed twice in the drop-down menu?
    Some institutions are listed two or more times in the drop-down menu because they have more than one institution number. For example, Ottawa's Hospital Monfort is listed twice, once with the extension AP 1661 and again with the extension CR 3024. Select AP 1661 if the patient was referred from the "Acute with Psych" division of the hospital, or CR 3024 if the patient was referred from the "Chronic Care" section of the institution. When entering the referring facility, you should always choose the appropriate institution.