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Health Card Validation FAQ's

  1. What screen do I need to be on to swipe the patient's health card?
    You need to be on the patient search screen.

  2. Do I need to have my cursor in the HCN field on the search screen before I swipe the card?
    No, you do not need to have your cursor in the HCN field, the cursor can be anywhere on the search screen when you swipe the card, the patients Health Card number will automatically populate the correct fields and will initiate a Ministry validation.

  3. Can I validate other provincial insurance cards with this functionality?
    No, the functionality is only able to validate Ontario insurance cards.

  4. Do I need a swiping device at my desk if I am a scheduler?
    Schedulers would not usually require a swiping device at their desks unless they routinely have access to the patients Health Card.

  5. If I decide I need a swiping device how can I get one?
    Swipers need to be purchased by your clinic or department, and so your request should be discussed with your clinic or program leaders. Once it has been decided that you do require an device you should send your request via e-mail to the HelpDesk.

  6. What is Batch Validation?
    Batch validation is a feature of the HCV functionality and is designed to gather all the OHC numbers from the scheduled visits for the day and to send them for advance validation to the Ministry sometime just after midnight. This means that when the clerks and care providers begin their clinics in the morning, their patients Health Cards are already validated and any patients without valid Health Cards are identified.

  7. How will I know my clinic’s responses from the Batch Validation?
    There are several ways:
    The validation response will be viewable on the Patient Search Screen in the Person Results Window for the calendar day the validation occurred
    There is an Explorer Menu report that can be printed which indicates the patients with invalid OHC numbers booked into today’s clinic. This report is called “Clinic Invalid Health Card Response” located in the Scheduling Reports folder.

  8. Can I have the Batch Validation report print automatically in my clinic?
    If you wish the Clinic Invalid Health Card Response report to print automatically in your clinic, you need to make a request to the Help Desk by phone by calling ext 4HELP (44357) or by e-mailing your request to Helpdesk, you will need to provide your printer information in your request.

  9. Can I have the validation responses from the Batch Validation included on the clinic lists that I currently print?
    Yes, you will need to make a request to the Help Desk by phone by calling ext 4HELP (44357) or by e-mailing your request to Helpdesk. You will need to provide the name of your current scheduling report in your request.

  10. How can I quickly review the validation response on past registrations?
    A new field that records the validation response for the visit has been added to the primary insurance tab on the Visit Inquiry conversation.

  11. I register using Flex Reg, do I need to follow the guidelines for invalid Ontario Health numbers?