Clinical Computer Systems Training


Web-Based Training - Sticky Notes

You can attach an electronic sticky note to a patient record. A marker will be displayed in the Notes column of the Organizer so that anyone examining the patient’s record will be aware that a note exists.

Note: A sticky note is NOT part of the legal record and can be deleted by anyone. Currently, only Residents have the ability to create and view sticky notes. It is recommended that you do not rely solely on sticky notes as a means of communication between caregivers. These notes can only be viewed by Residents.

To create a sticky note:

  1. Open the correct patient’s chart
  2. Click the sticky notes icon  to open the Sticky Note Entry window

  3. Type in the text of your note. You are limited to 255 characters or less. Your name is automatically displayed in the Written by box and is stored with the note until it is deleted.
  4. Click 

*You are returned to the previous window. On your Patient List, the View Sticky Notes Icon is displayed in the notes column to indicate that a note has been attached to this patient. You cannot view the sticky note from the list.

To view a sticky note:

  1. Open the correct patient's chart.
  2. Click the View Sticky Notes icon  which is now active (no longer greyed out) to open the Sticky Note View window

  3. Click the Next Icon  OR the Previous Icon  to view the next or the previous note, if more than one note exists. You will see in the bottom of the window: Current Sticky Note: and Total number of Sticky notes: to let you know how many there are.
  4. If you wish to respond to the note, click the Create Icon  to add another sticky note. It now becomes the first note to view when another user opens this chart and clicks the View Sticky Notes Icon.

To delete a note:

  1. With the correct note open, click the Delete Icon