Clinical Computer Systems Training

Education Resources Moved to LearnNow

All of our quick guides have been moved to LearnNow. Please access LearnNow directly through PowerChart, FirstNet or SurgiNet by clicking the LearnNow icon on the toolbar.

You may also access the LearnNow Library directly by clicking this link.

Content in the LearnNow Library is organized by role; however, you may also search for content by its title or by a word(s) found within the content.

If you need new training material created, please complete an ITS Learning Services Intake Form and we will respond to your request promptly.

Regional eLearning Modules

All of our PowerChart eLearning modules are currently being reviewed and revised. If you have any PowerChart education issues/questions, please contact your site representative.

The eLearning modules listed below are meant to be completed by regional hospital employees who do not have a learning management system (LMS), to acknowledge completion of this education.

If you wish to earn credit for viewing these eLearning modules, and you have access to a corporate LMS, please ensure that you sign in to your respective LMS (ilearn, LearningEdge, MyEducation or regional LMS if applicable) to complete.

Otherwise, your LMS transcript will not reflect that you have completed this education.

724Access Downtime Viewer

  • Learn where to locate the designated 724Access Downtime Viewer computer on your unit; log in to the 724Access Downtime Viewer application; open a patient's chart in the application; view various results and information located on the menu; and exit the application.

Clinical Documentation Module 1 PowerForm

  • Learn the basic elements of documenting clinical information in PowerChart using a PowerForm.

Clinical Documentation Module 2 Interactive View (IView)

  • Learn the basic elements of documenting clinical information in PowerChart using interactive view.

Clinical Documentation Module 3 Intake And Output (I&O) Band of IView

  • Learn the basic elements of documenting clinical information in PowerChart using the I&O band in IView.

PowerChart Fundamentals for Allied Health Professionals

PowerChart Fundamentals for Nursing

Nursing and Multi-Phase PowerPlans

Providers and Multi-Phase PowerPlans

Behaviour Safety Alert in the Electronic Health Record

  • After learning about your organization’s specific policies around behaviour safety this module walks learners through the electronic health record aspect. Learn to review behaviour safety history, document an incident and the steps required to remove a history of violence flag (after a leader has placed the order for a behavior safety alert removal).