Clinical Computer Systems Training

Education Resources Moved to LearnNow

All of our quick guides have been moved to LearnNow. Please access LearnNow directly through PowerChart, FirstNet or SurgiNet by clicking the LearnNow icon on the toolbar.

You may also access the LearnNow Library directly by clicking this link.

Content in the LearnNow Library is organized by role; however, you may also search for content by its title or by a word(s) found within the content.

If you need new training material created, please complete an ITS Learning Services Intake Form and we will respond to your request promptly.

Regional Hospital Employees Only

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Resident eLearning - London Medical Affairs

M1 PowerChart Fundamentals

M2 Message Center Fundamentals

M3 Admit from ED/UCC

M4 Admission Medications

M5 Admission Orders

M6 Daily Rounds Orders

M7 Plans and Single Orders

M8 Consults

M9 Transfer Process

M10 Discharge Process

M11 Complete Facility to Facility Discharge Reconciliation as the Discharging Provider

M12 Completion Steps

Resident PowerChart Competency Assessment